Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Save The Date by Allie Spencer: Review

Save The Date by Allie Spencer

When Was It Released?: 20th June 2013
Where Did I Get It From?: Netgalley. Thank you!
Who Published It?: Arrow
Number Of Pages?: 384 Pages
Buy?:Paperback or Kindle

Beach reads and books set abroad are something that I love to read during the summertime. Admittedly, they are much better if you can read them while you are actually sat on a beach, or by a pool, sunbathing with a cocktail at hand. Living in England, however, this is not always possible, so these books work sat on my sofa at home while imagining I am on a beach. The great thing about beach reads is that no matter where you are reading them, they are able to transport you away somewhere exotic, and in the case of Save The Date to the beautiful destination of Tuscany in Italy.

Family weddings can be hell....and, marooned in Italy for her cousin's nuptials, Ailsa can be forgiven for thinking that this one is worse than most. With the bride and groom at loggerheads and the guests in uproar, it is a million miles away from the rest and relaxation she'd been hoping for.
And then suddenly, in the middle of the mayhem, she comes face-to-face with Nick, the man she walked out on just a few months earlier.
How can Ailsa help get the wedding back on track when she and Nick can't stop arguing? But if they do, she might remember why she fell in love with him in the first place - and then there really would be trouble

Save The Date started at a run and never really stopped until the very end. It is absolutely jam packed with drama, with everything that seemingly could go wrong seeming to happen in this book. I enjoyed the action and fast pace, but at times did find all this a little much and began to wonder how one group of people could be so unlucky. The humour kept me racing through this book, Allie Spencer has an amazing sense of humour and I literally laughed out loud on more than one occasion. A good sense of humour is one of my needed traits in all aspects of life and I enjoy seeing it added into books. I loved the way in which Allie Spencer was so descriptive with her details about Italy and the scenery, making me feeling as if I had been transported there along with Alicia.

Alicia, the main character, was also one of my favourite characters as she is so relatable for all female readers. Her heart is in the right place and she is likeable while at the same time being accident prone  and not always making the greatest decisions. My favourite character of all though had to be Arthur, the stray dog who takes a shine to Alicia. Even though he was a dog he had a personality of his own and was always getting up to mischief.

I would thoroughly recommend Save The Date as a fun, light hearted, whirlwind of a summer read. The plot was interesting, the characters likeable and there is certainly never a dull moment. This is the first Allie Spencer book that I have read, but I am certain that it will not be my last.

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