Review Policy

I welcome authors,publishers and PR companies with books that want reviewing to Contact Me

I review a large range of different books from many genres including but not limited to:

Chick Lit
Women's Fiction

I will always be honest with my reviews whether they are sent to me or chosen by myself from the store. Please bear in mind these are only my opinions and I will also voice how I feel about a book. All books sent to me will be considered and as many as possible will be reviewed. I am able to accept both paperback and e-books from both published and self published authors If I am unable to review a book I can always direct you to someone else who may be able to review the book for you.

Please note that if I accept a book for review that it does not guarantee the book will be reviewed. My reading is always done for pleasure and is only a hobby and not a full time job therefore I am not always able to read every book I receive. I will also try my best to review a book in a timely manner. If I receive an ARC of a book that is not yet released I will always try to review the book in the month that the book is released.

I also welcome you to Contact Me for author interviews and if you want to host a giveaway

I will provide you with a link for the review, as well as posting the review on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble

I also accept audio books

Please get in touch at:

Thankyou for considering Georgina's Chick Lit to review your book

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