Thursday, 24 October 2013

Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson: Review

Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson

When Was It Released?:  24th October 2013
Where Did I Get It From?: From Netgalley. Thank you!
Who Published It?: Avon
Number Of Pages?: 390 Pages
Buy?:Paperback or Kindle

How far would you go to make a new start?
When Nell’s on-off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.
Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.
But is the glamour of the city too good to be true? And can Nell leave her past behind?

Whenever this time of year rolls around and it gets to the time when Miranda Dickinson releases a new book I always get excited and this one was no exception. Team Nell has been all over twitter from Miranda and her fans for a long time and I just could not wait to find out about Nell and discover just how much I was going to love her character and exactly why everyone was routing for her. Once I received my copy of this book I could not wait to dive in, and even though it was a busy time for me that meant I didn’t have as much time to read as I would have liked I still finished this book within two days. I just could not put it down.

Take A Look At Me Now is such a relevant book for this moment in time, with the economy how it is and many people finding themselves in difficult situations with losing their jobs. Nell gets made redundant but instead of letting this get her down she decides to spend her redundancy check on a trip to San Francisco. I loved the setting of San Francisco, somewhere that I have never been interested in before now that is. I adored the way in which Miranda Dickinson described San Francisco, it made me feel as though I was there alongside Nell during her trip and almost made me feel as though I already knew the city. You can tell that Miranda did a lot of research and even took a trip to San Francisco itself which really brings the setting to life within the book. I wanted to step into the pages of Take A Look At Me Now and visit Annie’s Dinner and taste her incredible pancakes, which made me hungry every time I read about them.  

After reading this book I could completely see why so many people have been on Team Nell, she is such a wonderful character that you can’t help but route for the entire time. I wanted so badly to see Nell discover herself and find true happiness as she is such a relatable character. Aside from Nell I adored Max Rossi, who seemed like such a kind hearted man and I was dying for this book to end a certain way for him. There are just too many characters I loved for me to mention. I really enjoyed how as Nell meets and grows to like the characters so did I, especially the children in the SOS club who were just too cute for words.
Take A Look At Me Now was hands down one of my favourite books I have read this year. The story completely captured me and stole my heart along the way.  It is always so difficult to write a review of a book that I have fallen in love with, because words cannot get across how much I truly enjoyed this story. I would urge everyone to go and get a copy of Take A Look At Me Now because I can guarantee you will not regret it.

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