Monday, 19 August 2013

Wicked Wives by Anna Lou Weatherley: Review

Wicked Wives by Anna Lou Weatherley

When Was It Released?: 18th July 2013
Where Did I Get It From?: Netgalley. Thank you!
Who Published It?: Avon
Number Of Pages?: 466 Pages
Buy?:Paperback or Kindle

Every now and again I just love a good bonkbuster full of glamorous women with secrets to hide, rich men who get up to no good and sinful goings on. Usually when I'm after a book like this I would turn to the ever reliable Jackie Collins or Rebecca Chance but when I read the synopsis for Wicked Wives I knew I just had to see whether Anna Lou Weatherly would be able to live up to my expectations.

Playboy Casino owner and serial gambler, Tom Black, leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him wherever he goes. So when he disappears, it’s no surprise that foul-play is suspected.
The finger of suspicion points to three women from his past; Eleanor, the beautiful socialite with a dubious past, Loretta, the fame-seeking gold-digger, and Victoria, the glamorous, bestselling author.
Bound together by one man and his mayhem, it’s not long before secrets begin to surface, forcing the three women to take the biggest gamble of all. But in the game of love there can only be one winner – and the winner takes it all….

Wicked Wives alternates chapters between characters, showing the story from all viewpoints which I love in a book. Not only because I get to know all the characters so much better but also because it helps with remembering who is who, which there are no difficulties with in this book. I loved the characters in Wicked Wives. Anna-Lou Weatherley knows exactly which characters we want to see from the glamorous, beautiful and rich to the conniving, scheming and money grabbing. All are thrown in the mix adding a colourful bunch of characters who I loved and hated in turn.

The plot twists, of which there are many, are set up in such a way that I didn't see them coming and was completely shocked on more than one occasion. Of course with this being a story of the rich and glamorous the story is daring and many of the characters get up to some down right dirty things but this is what we expect from this world and Anna-Lou Weatherley delivers it superbly. I loved her writing style and all her descriptions from the decadent places the characters go to the sex that they have to the exotic destinations they visit.  I wanted to be part of the world while at the same time being grateful that I am not.

Wicked Wives is a fantastic beach read that you will want to take on holiday with you and devour in one sitting. A wicked, decadent, explosive read that will have you hooked from the first page to the last. I'm rushing out to buy Anna-Lou Weatherley's first book, Chelsea Wives.

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